Organized every day

Where is the charging cable of my e-reader again? Why are there so many toys left on the floor? And why does that closet stay so messy? Especially with several housemates it is sometimes difficult to keep this dynamic place uncluttered and quiet. The living room, kitchen and work/study are the perfect spaces to experience clutter.

Do you often experience stress in the morning to get everything and everyone out the door on time? Are you often looking for that one water bottle, can you not find your sports equipment in time or is your kitchen cupboard full of herbs that you accidentally bought twice because you thought it had run out? “Mom, where are my shin guards?” Or “Honey, where did you leave my charger?” These are questions we often hear, especially around rush hours at home.

Heavenly organized

How wonderful it would be if everything has a place, if you can find everything where you expect it and if you never lose anything or buy twice that way. You get to school, work and that one appointment on time and you also do that super relaxed. That is what a tidy kitchen, entrance and storage room can do to you. All sports bags have their own place, each oven dish is useful and you can easily reach it.

Getting started

With a clear approach, I’ll help you get there too. In that place where everything is tidy in your kitchen, entrance and stair cupboard / utility room and you no longer have to think or search. You move smoothly through the kitchen and you are quickly out the door, you also feel really tidy!

The investment for this is approximately € 3200.

It is also possible to follow this package via online guidance. Then I will guide you for 1 hour a week via ZOOM and you will do the homework yourself every week. If you can work independently, this can be a very nice way of working for you. The investment for this is approximately € 800.

The first step

Do you want to know more? I would like to get to know you to discover where you want more space in your home and how Organized by Eva can help you with that. I am always discreet, because I understand that this can be a very big step for you to take. But, I’m sure it’s a great first step. See you soon!

With kind regards,