Organized home

If you don’t know where to start in the house so quickly, this might be a good package for you. Because, maybe your whole house needs some attention?

Getting started

We go through your entire house and absolutely everything goes through your hands once. That may sound intensive, but it is also very effective. Because afterwards you know exactly what you have and more importantly, what you want to keep. Soon you will only be surrounded by things that make you happy and spark Joy. Stuff that makes your home a more pleasant place to be. Everything has a fixed place and you will not lose anything. At the end you will certainly experience more peace in the place you call home.

Every week you I am there, to get you started and you know that I will help you to get to the end result. The goal, the way you want to live in your home. We do this together, from start to finish! This is the most effective way of cleaning up and will give you new insights about your home and how you want to live there. A very nice way to let your home and yourself work to its fullest potential!

Because every home is tailor-made, this process always starts with a tailor-made quotation, specially made for your situation and wishes. 

The first step

Do you want to know more? I would like to get to know you to discover where you want to get more space in your home and how Organized by Eva can help you with that. I am always discreet, because I understand that this can be a very big step for you to take. But, I’m sure it’s a great first step. See you soon!

With kind regards,