Organized toys

Do your children play with the same toys all the time and are the cupboards and drawers overflowing with things, that you don’t really know who is still playing with them? It is very important for children to come into contact with a varied range of toys. After all, you want to stimulate them in the best possible way. But yes… all those toys in the house, nobody cleans it up and it just keeps getting bigger. Especially after a birthday or the Holiday season!

Organized kids

Imagine that your children can tidy up their own things afterwards and that they can also get the things they want to work with. And then in such a way that the educational toys are also used.

Getting started

And we can achieve that together. By properly tidying up all the children’s toys and their rooms, we get to know them well. And we can apply a organizing system for them, so that they can play AND put back toys completely independently. They love such a new system, you will see that they want to proudly demonstrate it to their friends. And we can create a system that works for any age. As young as 1,5 years old, it is already possible to teach children this. And how wonderful it is when they clean it up themselves and that they also learn something from it. We are happy to explain it to them in a tailor-made session, afterwards!

The investment for this is approximately € 1280.

It is also possible to follow this package via online guidance. Then I will guide you for 1 hour a week via ZOOM and you will do the homework yourself every week. If you can work independently, this can be a very nice way of working for you. The investment for this is approximately € 320.

The first step

Do you want to know more? I would like to get to know you to discover where you want more space in your home and how Organized by Eva can help you with that. I am always discreet, because I understand that this can be a very big step for you to take. But, I’m sure it’s a great first step. See you soon!

With kind regards,