About Eva

My story

My name is Eva Kolk and alongside being a professional organizer & Certified KonMari® Consultant I am also a mother of three small children. Together with my husband and energetic dog we live in the Amstelveen area.

As long as I can remember, I like organizing my surroundings. Something, other people around me always find a little strange. But, it makes me happy. Really. I am very happy if a room seems more spacious after a clean-up session or if the so-called “system” works because I can find my stuff quickly. And I do not only like it, I’m good at it.


I am the daughter of a real Shell man, who got a new assignment every five years. As a child I therefore moved a lot (also abroad) and learned to live in a flexible household. My parents were always packing, unpacking, tidying up, etc. But they also taught me how to find peace and feel at home in all these dynamics. And because my mother is Brazilian, I grew up with a lot of music in the house and a lot of delicious food!

Service agent till the end

At the beginning of my working life I worked as a ground flight attendant for Lufthansa and Scandinavian Airlines. A great environment to learn what good client service is. Service work is therefore part of my core and I cannot separate it from what I do today. The wishes of my customers are crucial to the joint success and I have been happy to contribute to that for years and I still do today.

Keeping my eye on the ball

After those airport years, I mainly worked for large international multinationals. American Express and Microsoft were places where I could grow a lot, but they also demanded a lot from me as a person. So I know what it’s like to work in a demanding environment and give a lot of yourself to be successful. And that in combination with a family. In addition, my husband worked for three years at the fastest growing start-up ever, so I experienced up close what an extremely busy job does to a family; you need peace of mind and overview and have little room in your head for other things.


Years later I lived with my own family for a year as an expat. We moved from a single-family home in Amstelveen to an apartment in the heart of San Francisco. With (then) two small children, this demanded a lot of my flexibility, empathy and the capacity to make choices. And there I discovered that I could turn my hobby into my job. What a wonderful feeling!

Minimalisme rules 

When we then moved back to our house in Amstelveen, I found it so striking that I had not missed all that stuff from that big house for a whole year. Minimizing was then the next step. Certainly because we wanted to give our last “free” room (the study) to our third child to be expected at the time. So, the whole house had to be turned upside down: we moved the office functions to the living room and the laundry racks to our bedroom. And don’t get me wrong; I’m quite sentimental with some things and don’t live in a white house with folding chairs ;-). However, I have learned to pay attention to the things that are there and thus easier to say goodbye to the things that no longer need attention.

Certified KonMari® Consultant 

In the spring of 2019 I attended Marie Kondo’s KonMari® seminar in New York. The KonMari® Method fits in seamlessly with the method that I have used myself in recent years. And since July 2020, after one year of training, I am an officially Certified KonMari® Consultant, I am eager to make this way of tidying up a structural part of Organized by Eva.


I know better than anyone that your home should be an environment that radiates peace and space. A place where everyone feels at home and where things have their own place. A place where it is tidy and remains tidy. And all of that is possible through a system. A system that makes it clear exactly where the things are and how you can easily store them again. This way your house will always remain tidy, well-organized and the basis for a wonderful home to continue building on.

First step

Are you curious how this can work for you too? I would like to get to know you to discover where you want more space in your home and how Organized by Eva can help you with that. I am always discreet, because I understand that this can be a very big step for you to take. But, I’m sure it’s a great first step. See you soon!

With kind regards,