the Joy Check™

You are already quite organized yourself and have tried to tidy up your house before. However, it is not quite possible to keep it permanently tidy. Then the Joy Check™ might be for you.


In 1.5 hours, we walk through your house and go through all your wishes for a tidy house. So, you can really feel what makes you Spark Joy. What makes you feel joy, real Joy. We discuss options and tips. In short when I walk out the door you are super inspired to get started yourself.

Get to work

And within 24 hours after that, you will receive a tailor-made plan of action via e-mail, that includes:• a schedule, so you can plan exactly when you can get started• a shopping list with organizing products that you can buy yourself and that you can use sustainably at home


With all this information in your pocket, you can get started at organizing your home in such way, it stays organized. WHEN you want it and HOW you want it. Sounds good right!  And to get that lasting tidy feeling, the investment is 250 euros, including 21% VAT. So, do you want to get a tidy house? Please contact me and we will schedule the Joy Check™ as soon as possible. Until then!

Ciao, Eva