Organized closets

You cannot see what clothes you have and you have often misplace something. If you have to bring in clean laundry, it is always crammed and therefore you always wear the same clothes. A pity, because you probably really like to dress nicely and you also have beautiful clothes, but you can not always find it. There is so much clothing in your wardrobe that you can hardly hang any clothes on it and those piles keep falling over.

An organized closet

But how wonderful would it be, if you would open your wardrobe and see a clean, well-organized closet. Everything hangs neatly by color and you only have clothes in front of you that fit you and that you feel comfortable great with. No more searching for the right underwear for that one dress. No excess of black tights, because you don’t really know what is left in your closet. But, only clothes that fit you and that make you feel stronger. The most ultimate you, you can be. It’s like you can shop in your own closet every day.

Getting started

That picture is now very close. Together we completely empty your closet and only put back what makes you happy. For everything else we look for another home. When placing the clothing back, I ensure that it is in the correct containers or that it is labeled. We can also do the same for the wardrobes of your partner and kids. I can therefore immediately explain to them how they can deal with the new tidy cupboard. That way your closet stays tidy. And of course we also work on your shoes, jewelry and bags. Because, that’s how you feel your most ultimate self next time!

The investment for this is approximately € 1280.

It is also possible to follow this package via online guidance. Then I will guide you for 1 hour a week via ZOOM and you will do the homework yourself every week. If you can work independently, this can be a very nice way of working for you. The investment for this is approximately € 320.

The first step

Do you want to know more? I would like to get to know you to discover where you want more space in your home and how Organized by Eva can help you with that. I am always discreet, because I understand that this can be a very big step for you to take. But, I’m sure it’s a great first step. See you soon!

With kind regards,