We always start with a free one hour intake at your home. In this hour, we discuss what your situation is and what you want to change. We walk through your home and talk about possible solutions and things you possibly already tried yourself. We’ll talk about what I can do for you and how much you can want to do yourself. Depending on this you can choose how much you want to spend.


Further to our conversation I will create a plan of action, tailored with a quotation for your situation and send it to you by email. In this order, you can go see if the plan fits your needs. My hourly rate is €80,- euro, including 21% btw. However, how much time is needed depends entirely on your situation. How much do you want to do yourself and how much do we do together? Everything is possible. The most important thing is that we get your house completely organized again. And I can help you with that!


To make the (many) possibilities clear for you, I have made a few packages. They are based on my experience over the years, in which I have seen more than a 100 houses from the inside. But, if your taste isn’t there, we’ll just make a tailor-made plan for you. No problem!

The Joy Check™

Sometimes you just need some inspiration and a little push to get your house organized. If so, then this might be your solution! Together we walk through your house and I immediately give all kinds of tips and suggestions for improvement. Afterwards you will receive a plan of action, planning and shopping list. This way you can do it yourself, but with the results you aim for!

Organized every day

Everything you need on a daily basis, needs a permanent place. This way you avoid having to search during peak hours and getting stressed. Do you also want to prevent this at home?

Organized toys

How wonderful it is when all the toys have a permanent place and the kids can also tidy them up themselves! This way you really give them something for later. Do you want this for your family too?

Organized home

Sometimes there are several places in the house that need attention. It feels a bit chaotic and cluttered. And you don’t really know where to start.

Organized virtual

Sometimes it is not possible to meet in person. Because of the location, a busy schedule or even a pandemic. But, can you work very well independently? Then this is the solution for you!

Moves & relocations

When you move, so much comes your way that you sometimes run out of hands. I can help you unpack, with an eye for the environment, and of course with a tidy effect.